Signorvino Milan

Camilla is in the house… or Milan- you know, same, same- she is in Italy at least 😀

So yesterday after work I scooted down to Milan to meet her at Signorvino in Milan, one of mine (our) favourite restaurants in Milan.

And can I just say that going down to Milan from work took me about 45 minutes, no traffic- so lovely, just so lovely!

Anyway, we met up and ordered some food and a bottle of Gewustraminer- a wine that never disappoints.

We ordered some fingerfood, which showed to be enough instead of dinner. So good!

fiori di zucca
Fried Zucchini flowers
melanzane parmesan
A mini dish of baked eggplant and parmesan
mozarella and tomatoes
And Burratina mozzarella with tomatos and basil

Could not be happier to see this happy cat ❤

And look a her ordering Cappuccino after dinner 😀

Another day today, and on account of yesterdays happenings I wasn’t home until after 11 yesterday evening, so no running in the morning tody- I shall go for a quick 30 min during my lunch- hour instead.


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