A very chill Saturday

We are enjoying the last days of summer here, accompanied by the sun and 31 degrees!

Bf came back from Rome on Friday and brought with him some cheese, they are both Pecorino cheeses and words cannot explain how good they are- so good, so so good- there is no way one can stop once started… which is a bit of an issue since they are basically just fat… So this is how our weekend started, with some cheese 😀


On Saturday we had breakfast at the normal Sicilian place, but where I normally drink a cappuccino I had a green tea today, and the teapot was so clever, so of course I had to take a picture… And the tea lived up to expectations 😉



We had a couple of hours by the pool, and then went out to watch Roma- Inter Milan, where Inter won 1-3, Icardi (Inter Milan’s goal- shark) is so strong this year, even though they had a really bad first half, they redeemed themselves.


If you focus hard enough, your team wins…

After that we went for a drink out in Varese- as you can see pretty crowded in town, which is nice- I like it lively, which is why I really am looking forward to my move to Milan!




And bf ended the night with a nice Piadina, which basically is a tortilla with something inside, in this case- brie and prosciutto:


And some shoes of the day lately- trying to use my sandals as best as I can while the weather still allows it 😉





Today we are having a very slow Sunday, bf wanted to see Moto GP, and after that we are catching up with Sofia to walk up to Campo dei Fiori here in Varese- apparently it is a very nice walk so we shall see.

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