A surprising hike

We were meant to go to Campo dei Fiori today with Sofia, which would be something like this;

Beautiful view, an observatory, a castle- all in one place…




What we got…:

Not exactly the same, as after an hour rather steep uphill hike we decided just to turn back also since the storms lately has made the paths rather tricky to walk on..



But being a good blogger I of course filmed it, because if not- it didn’t happen, right?!



In more interesting news I have bought myself another jacket- yes, I have a thing for jackets also. It was from Mango and half off to make matters a bit better. I love the details on it, the buttons, the puffy shoulders, the collar and the cuffs. Here it looks all black, but it is navy blue.



Yours truly trying it on, just needs to be a bit colder and I will wear that baby ❤



New week tomorrow, and it will now be named ‘the week Camilla comes to visit and we go to Bari to meet Kjersti and Pål’- weeee 🙂 !

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