Today’s articles

I am an absolute sucker for newsletters and recieve so many of them on a daily basis. Mostly they are useful for work and I just try and soak up and read as much as I can.
These two below were today’s read.
About Fast Fashion from ‘Racked’; Is British Fashion Too Fast? Read HERE
Working in fashion I do feel on the responsibility we have in our companies for the environmental footprint we leave behind on manufacturing, dyeing, shipping etc. I am glad we are addressing it more and more

The curious case of Lululemon from ‘Business of Fashion’; The Rise, Stumble and Future of Lululemon. Read it HERE
I always like to read about Athletisure and the ‘smaller’ (I use that word with care, as Lululemon is not exactly small, but compared to the titans I guess it might have some fit) players in the sports industry

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