A little obsession

I saw these on Instagram the other day, and all though I have seen them before I had not entered the state of obsession for the bags, until now.. The brand BOYY started in NYC in 2006, and is already quite famous, but they are still quite ‘new’ to me with their massive buckles and minimalist style.

They are not exactly cheap from around 700€ and up, but they will absolutely be on my ‘when I reach a goal treat’ list!

Let’s see, which ones do I want first:

I will just start easy with this Bobby 23 in crocodile skin for a mere €6 300

And then mix it up a little with this Romeo Blue (€735)

We go over to Lucas in a couple of colors- saffron and pomodoro (which means tomato in Italian by the way) and capperi (the green one, which means kapers in Italian)

And then, just to be practical about it, this bigger brown bag Bobby saddle



And to cover the rest of my needs, Devon in suede capperi

I will sooner or later own one of them (not the crocodile one, that is just ridiculous…)- mark my words 😉 

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