Went for a walk

Todays ‘big’ event was going for an afternoon walk with Sofia, I tried talking her into it yesterday, it only took a day and she was in…

So we went for a walk, and then we popped by Art Hotel Varese which has the loveliest garden, I really want to have drinks there one day, not today though, today we just passed by there- but it looks so nice!

(and when I see the snow, I really miss snowy winters as back home in Norway. That would probably last for about two hours though- but it is beautiful)



Then I just happened to stumble over some pictures on Facebook of the most lovely interior and exterior of my dreamhouse important to start saving the pictures before I save the money, right… 😉 ?!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Very nice that I found three kitchens I like, since I am not exactly known for spending a lot of time in the kitchen… oh well- guess that would change with any of these!

And then ending with some happy Wednesday inspiration from TED talks and Malcolm Gladwell- which has written some of the most fascinating books among them Outliers 🙂


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