What if there was a man out there that used his intelligence for good. To make the planet a better and more sustainable place to live. What if we assume this of Elon Musk?


I know I am naively Norwegian at times, wanting people to be good, expecting them to be good and proving me wrong rather than the other way around (I have been burnt many a times because of it), but I just want Elon Musk to be good- to want to do good. And thus the reason why I kind of adore him.

I mean- even his mother said so, and mothers always tell the truth and knows everything, right?

So here it goes- my adoration for Elon Musk. The man behind Pay Pal, which was acquired by Ebay and he:

“My proceeds from the PayPal acquisition were $180 million. I put $100 million in SpaceX, $70m in Tesla, and $10m in Solar City. I had to borrow money for rent.”

(this is of course a great story, I don’t think it is actually true- but, storytelling is everything, so…😊)

The man behind Tesla, that is shifting the entire car- industry, making all the big players want to and have to change from gas to battery driven cars.

(and on a sidenote, the insanely powerful and money-driven machine of the oil industry is constantly working against him. Lobbying for things like a Tesla not being able to be sold directly (as their business model is) in any US state because it is a ‘violation’ to the car dealerships interests).

Since he borrowed the name of Nikola Tesla for one of his compnies the Nikola Tesla museum in Beograd asked Elon Musk to donate money to the museum of the name- father of his biggest company, which he did- love it.

In addition to Tesla, SpaceX and Solar City he is working on the Hyperloop which is a ‘tunnel’ allowing cars or people to be transported in 560 km/h to reduce traveltime and traffic.


In a recent TED interview he said (and I agree)- sitting in traffic is the worst waste of time and energy. You don’t get to where you want to be, instead you are in traffic waiting to move and the environment suffers because cars are running without arriving., he has founded and is working on the

He even has the coolest family, his brother runs restaurants that makes food purerly on locally sourced food and his sister is a film director. And then you have his mother- Maye Musk!

She is, at the age of 68 the queen of cool with a masters as a dietitian and a booming modelling career. And she has had the most interesting life, in addition to raising some rather remarkable kids. Hats off to her!

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Read more about her faboulsness HERE (W Magazine) and HERE (NY Times)

And to Elon Musk ❤

And then there is this- his best responses, and they are truly great (HERE):




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