My Makeup favorites

I have some favorites in my Makeup bag that I keep on buying over and over, even though I occasionally try other things I always come back to these. I am not necessary very picky about makeup, but I have some things that I really appreciate about these products below:


Outrageous Curl Mascara from Sephora (€12):

I tried this one for the first time 3 years ago, and even though I have tried more expensive Dior, YSL and Lancôme ones they never beat this one. Gives a great curl (the picture below is without using an eyelash curler, the rubber brush makes the mascara go on evenly, and not clump and then drizzle during the day. The brush is also small, so it is easy to adjust the amount you want, and it is easy to rinse off in the evening. All in all- everything I could wish for!

Lancôme Teint Miracle Foundation in color 035:

This is the first product I ever put some time into buying, I went to a store and they tested a couple on me, and this one has stuck with me ever since- I think it must have been at least 14 years I have used the same one. It just blends great into my skin, it doesn’t feel heavy, and it doesn’t cover anything I don’t want it to cover, like my freckles. I only use it under my eyes and a bit if I have blemishes, so not too much cover I would think if that is what one is after.

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 22.33.48

Mac Eye Shadow in the color Rice Paper:

Mac eyeshadows are legendary in general and I do have a few colors of them, but this one is the one always use as a base, it is the perfect color for my eyelids. Sits all day, mat but not dry, just the best base.


No 7 Stay Perfect Eye Shadow (primer) in the color ‘Nude’:

This one is the latest one to the collection, I just got it last year as a secret- santa present from a colleague, and it just works so well. One of the best things I notice it by is that the wet eyeliner stays put all day (also during a workout) and does not run and sting my eyes. It also works wonders on the creasing- problem, so no more creasing eye shadows! And the best part, it is really cheap (€8), and lasts so long- I have had mine for 6 months!

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 22.35.47

Sephora Cream Lip Stain Liquid Lipstick (I have it in the color Flame Red as below €14):

This liquid lipstick is INSANE, it stays on ALL night, also eating and drinking! It looks shiny, but it dries mat. It doesn’t leave my lips dry at all and it comes in 36 colors (all though I have only seen about 8 here in Italy).

That was my favorites tonight, I do have some more I will share sometime later 😉

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