Sunday FUNDAY!

Ok, Yesterday was basically a day for the inner kid in us. I bought new Vans shoes- how CUTE are those in ‘snakeskin’- I have wanted snakeskin sneakers for years now, and since I was there threw in a pair of new shades too- yassss!

Then, THEN we went to a waterpark with waterslides and the works- Acquatica Park. We got there at 2.30 (since that was the afternoon entrance hour). And OMG- I had totally forgotten how much fun it is, and how exhausting it is. After a trillion rides we called it quits at 5.30 and man those three hours in the water, walking around- dead I tell you!

After that we went for dinner at this really, really good restaurant close to San Siro stadium. They give you A TON of food at no money and the food is so good. So finally I got a proper meal and charged the batteries for the game later.
We headed over to San Siro to watch Inter Milan play Fiorentina in the first match of the season in Serie A- and they WON 3-0, our hero- Icardi scored two of them- such a great match. And as per normal one has to have a quick beer on the outside of the stadium beofre the match, mandatory;)

Here is our day on film 😀


Great Sunday activities, I am so happy my bf is active and loves to do these things with me- and him likewise I am sure.

New week ahead, bf left for his parents house this morning, close to Rome and will be back on Friday- so this week I am all by myself- buuuuhuuu, and a little bit- ahhhhh 😉

Happy Monday!


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