Aperitivo in Lugano

Yesterday was a lovely day, relaxing and doing the things I love during ‘Varese weekends’. Started off with my usual run, then breakfast at our place Pasticceria Siciliana, let me just oooone more time (ok, it will happen almost every Saturday) praise their pistachio cream filled croissant!

A few different types of coffee here below also- consumed throughout the day by the two of us:

Espresso (or regular coffee here in Italy) with the Croissant, Cappuccino below the hearts, Ginseng coffee and a nice ‘coffee crema’- which is basically like a coffe ice cream.


We went to swim and tan by the lake today, all though we didn’t swim in the lake (as one cannot on account of algae) but in a pool by the lake. Then at four I went to meet some friends in Lugano to catch up for drinks at Ristorante Alla Foce right on Lugano lake. Great company, sunny, and a great location- what more can one ask for?!

So beautiful!


Happy peopleIMG_3235IMG_3252


Drove home (don’t worry- only had half a glass of wine during four hours with food and water) and met up with my bf for some more drinks and food at Balthazar.

We look so happy … :/
Food at Balthazar ❤
Organizing the food…
Eating the food ❤

All in all the best Varese Saturday!

Now we are off to Milan, first a water park, then dinner, then the first football game of the season for Inter Milan at San Siro towards Fiorentina- should be a packed stadium and fun!



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