My morning Smoothie

I normally get up at around 5.40 to go for a run before work, and as I’ve never been a big fan of breakfast, my go- to nourishment during summer, is a smoothie. I need to find the equivalent for winter, that is not oatmeal as I feel that is a bit too ‘heavy. And no milk- based products as I am lactose intolerant and don’t want to eat dairy products since I get these white blisters in my mouth by eating dairy (also lactose free dairy).

My grandmother was the same- she didn’t eat breakfast, I think that’s where I got it from, or the fact that I, as a kid, would much rather sleep a bit longer rather than have to get up to eat.

I digress though, my smoothie!

I have this great recipe that I have basically figured out myself, based on eliminating anything I don’t want in my smoothie, like the beforementioned dairy products or calorie dense fruits.

Now, I love the taste of it, but I did make it last year and offered it to my oldest nephew- his response: I don’t like it, it is too healthy I think…

But I will share since I love it:

Put everything together at the same time, no chopping, no stress (I need it to go fast in the morning)

30 grams of frozen strawberries:

(that looks so sad… but it is actually 30 grams)


30 grams of frozen blueberries


10 grams of oats


A scoop of Whey double rich chocolate protein, both for some extra proteins, BUT also (and maybe even more important) for the sake of taste- if not, the berries alone become very bitter (I have tried)


 Three ice cubes

(putting then like that took A LOT of creativity if you wondered!)


Add some water


Twirl and blend, and voilà- my favourite smoothie blend for summah ❤

It also helps me stay full a long time, to lunch and beyond in fact.

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