My morning routines

I finally felt normal again after a couple of days of having the cold and thus being exhausted. So I am back to my normal morning routine which is

Get up at 5.45 to go for my normal run

  • Now that round takes me 40 minutes, but when I started it took me 50- so improvement. What I do like about it is that it has such a steep incline that it never ever gets ‘easy’ as could happen with a flatter route.

I get home, and have my morning smoothie which is my morning treat, you find the recipe HERE– but in essence it is frozen strawberries, frozen blueberries, chocolate protein powder, icecubes, chia seeds (or oats) to get some fiber, and topped up with some water to make it more liquid.

Then it is to shower, makeup and around 7.30 I want to be out of the house, so I can be at work around 8.

And for those following me on Instagram, in the elevator down to the car take my ‘shoes of the day’ daily Instagram shot- very, very important😉

As I get in the office I always have a cup of green tea- which I switched from coffee a year back. The reason: I had to back off coffee for a week on account of my teeth and I had the worst reaction to the sudden lack of caffeine so I figured if I react that badly I probably shouldn’t have it every day, so now- I only have it during the weekends as a treat.



And then as per usual Friday evening: aperitivo ❤



This is a window from a store in Varese, and they always have the best windows, just wanted to give them some credit.



Can I just send out some gratification to the universe that I get to have my bf here on a permanent basis and can I also send out a small request to the same universe that it stays that way?! Thanks!

(for those who don’t know, bf has just finished his education as a military helicopter pilot- yes I know, he is freaking awesome! And now him (we) are waiting for him to be placed, which I (we) really, really, really hope will be close to Milan so we can stay together all the time instead of traveling every weekend as we have been for 2 (!) years now)

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