Frank Medrano Challenge

We, meaning me and bf, have decided to create our own Frank Medrano Challenge. We are already living rather healthy at home (not on vacation as you might have seen on other blogposts…) and during the weekdays, while being a bit more free during weekends. However, today- after watching a couple of clips of Frank Medrano on YouTube we decided to step it up a notch.

Since I have my week of vacation in the beginning of September, we decided to wait until I finish that week and then hit the training hard. Should be interesting…

I do want to highlight that until then we still live healthy, but allow ourselves some wine during the weekends etc, but from then on… BOOM!

If you dont know who he is, here are some videos- he is INSANE, and the best part- he is vegan! I really like that he uses his bodyweight as resistance in building muscles, here you can find him- insane!!



And this is us… after days in Amsterdam… before we went running today- something to work on at least… but happy as few at least- haha 🙂


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