And back home again

The thing that has saved us in Amsterdam is the fact that we never stop moving (well, almost), either we walk around or we bike, but we really do not sit down and relax a lot. The amount of food we have eaten, and even more- the beer we have been drinking is not at all sustainable, but at least it doesn’t do that much harm since we move around. That being said, this is something we always do (and love), even at home, when normal people sleep in and relax, its us and the old people who is out and about at 9/10 in the morning to get coffee and breakfast.

We really enjoyed the trip, but as always it is really nice to return back home and restart the normal routines.

So as we entered the house today I started my ‘spa- evening’ with a facemask, hairmask, removing and reapplying nail polish and doing laundry, so that tomorrow morning at 5.40 when the alarm goes off I am ready to run, and get back into routines and normal life… until the first week of September when I am off to Bari with my friends.


The best products: Kèrastase hair mask, Green strengthening base coat from Nail Vital, Kiko Nail polish, OPI Top Coat (actually this one I am not a big fan of, but it was the only one I had left) and Origins Clay Face Mask. I feel like a human again.

In any case, we have more normal days than holidays, so to enjoy those routines and state of mind is even more important than enjoying holidays in my mind.

Until next time Amsterdam, it has been great ❤

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