A Bike ride and Museums

Yesterday we had an ‘Amsterdam’ day, meaning we took in the city a bit more. We of course had to have our ‘normal’ breakfast at the Dutch Delicacy place. And then our tour started.



We rented bikes for three hours which was such a great decision, you just see so much more of the city and this city is of course made for biking around it. We may or may not have pissed off some locals not knowing the rules always (not the actual rules of riding a bike of course, but the unwritten ones), but I am sure not worse than any tourist here.



After that we had ‘lunch’, meaning I had a frappuccino from Starbucks (I am one of those: skinny caramel frappuccino with a double shot of coffee and no cream) and bf had… a platter of cheese with mustard- strange thing to eat only that, no bread, not nothing, just cured cheese on a platter with mustard.


I had bought tickets for the Van Gogh Muesum, which I am very happy I did since the tickets were sold- out for the day when I got there. Ok experience, extremely crowded, but a nice exhibition- and honestly I can’t expect less.


Then i even got to squeeze in the Banksy/Dalì exhibit (nice to see, not a ‘must- see’) before heading back to the hotel.


Ended the evening with some Indian food- so, so, so, so good, and drinks by the canals. Ready to go home today and be normal again though 🙂


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