De Mannen Van Kaas

Today we really slept in and had this ahmzing breakfast at a place with Dutch Delicasies called De Mannen Van Kaas close to our hotel. We walked by there yesterday and got totally tempted by all the cheeses and sandwiches in the window.


Screen Shot 2017-08-13 at 18.59.07



So today we went and had bread made with Figs and Blue cheese, and the other one was with Gouda and Onions- such good choices!! The place also has this great window post where you can sit and enjoy the canal while eating breakfast.







After that we went for a walk around the city, after yesterday all we wanted to was to chill today, and well- eat some more. We found a candyshop for me and belgian waffles for bf.

These ladybirds appear all over the city on the sidewalks (also right outside our hotel), so I had to take some picture and then of course find out what they mean. And apparently they are put there to raise awareness for the National Foundation Against Senseless Violence- which we of course can get behind.

Soon off to dinner, another great day in Amsterdam 🙂



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