This thing I do, when I start searching for shoes to write about- is very, very dangerous- I just end up wanting them all!!
This tirade started with a pair of pumps that I saw online, more exact- these ones from Stuart Weitzman
And then these ones followed, again from Stuart Weitzman:
And from there it just took a way of its own, and just like that I had gone a tad overboard..
But here follows the loveliest brocade shoes I found- LOVE them all- want them all.
The Mules collection:
From H&M- HERE:

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From Jeffrey Cambell HERE:
 Free People from Asos HERE
 Free People from Asos HERE
And then the original to all these above, from Gucci HERE
(it even has Donald Duck on them <3)
The ankle boots:
 From Sam Edelman (black with flowers) HERE
New Look (black and blue satin with flowers) HERE

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Some cute ballerinas from Zara (they just always gets it…) HERE
And then, last but not least- pink heels- always need to bring some pink heels.
From New Look- HERE
They’re even in blue, HERE
 Note to self: must not shop, must not shop, must not shop 😉

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