Paris Haute Couture

I love this, I really wish I
A) Could afford it
B) Had anywhere to wear it
So beautiful- my favourites from Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week, with pictures from Vogue Runway:
The flowers on this one ❤
I adore this colour combination and the cape- to D.I.E for- look at the fabric!
I could totally wear this, might be a tad much with the cape, but still- the green is so, so nice!
Always a sucker for all white everything!
 Look at this fabric, and the contrast panels are great, black and white towards the serene blue.
I actually had to go back and fetch this picture after I was done, the beige jacket- the fabric is absolutely stunning.
 This jacket!! I Love the way it is draped and the belt, and the pocket- ah!! (the rest of the outfit I can bypass)
 I love the fluidity of this, and the draping of the top- so nice! Styling wise also, with the chocker and the bracelets- me like!
(by Maria Grazia Chiudi- she is divine!)
I love this colour, and the amount of fabric just makes it seem to flow so well. Look at all the details with the long belt and the gloves in her hands- yes!
(shoes; not a fan)
  Again; the colour!! And the way the jacket is wrapped around, and the shades! Such a nice detail with the brown belt too!
The hat is just so cute, with the dress, the fabric glows too!
 THIS, this outfit is perfection! LOOK at that collar and the neckline it makes! The long belt, the gloves and the grey pointed pumps- AH!
 The fabric combination here, with the wool coat, the stern hat and the sheer skirt under- so nice!
 This jacket right here, when Zara duplicates it (because they will, unfortunately or lucky for me)- I am buying it!
This jacket is so cool with the sleeves like that, and the embroidered gloves – yes!! And I do like the sequin pants all though I could never pull them off!
I am a sucker for lace, and this colour is so nice in lace. I also loved the styling; the bag and the shoes ❤
The black and white contrast is great, and the jacket- fantastic. Look at those structures shoulders!
Got to just have a bit more lace, the neckline on this one is great! And again, can you tell I love the colour…?

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