Plant based diet

I am thinking of going (mostly) vegetarian.
Wait… hear me out- I am not eating that much meat anyway, and honestly when I do- I don’t feel very well.
And the reason behind you ask, well- I have recently watched two documentaries, ‘What the health’ (link to trailer) and ‘Food choices’ (link to full YouTube film) and I feel it is time to change a bit.
Both on account of my body (I have always had issues with my stomach), but also on account of the environment.
Two things worth saying, I grew up not eating excessive amount of meat nor unhealthy food, so the change is not something drastic from the get-go.
And I do think after ‘Supersize Me’ way back in the early 00’s I never eat McDonalds or fast- food nor have I ever liked beef or steak- which I guess makes the ‘change’ a bit easier for me.
What I do eat is pizza occasionally (with meat topping) and I love my cold- cuts and cheeses, so those would be the only two things I would miss… maybe.
In the documentaries, you just see what meat, egg and dairy does to your body and how much shit is put into it. I know that some of it might be a bit over the top, but what I do know is that it does not seem too far- fetched, as well as how I know it effects my body when eating it (bloating, tired, etc).
What I will do is, whenever I can, is to chose vegetarian and if there are no good options for that, go for fish. And chose as unprocessed food as possible, since eating French fries is not a healthy option…
As we are going to Amsterdam this weekend, it should be interesting to see there as I know they have a lot of places that offers vegetarian food, and good vegetarian food- so I will try and do as much as I can there with my ‘new venture’.
I am also quite conscious on what impact I have an on the environment in general, not using plastic if I don’t have to. I never use straws, plastic bags (only bio-degradable ones), I don’t drink coffee with coffee pods etc. Not perfect at all, but my take is- something goes a lot longer than nothing.

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