California Bakery Milan

From time to time I get my bf with me to do lunch at California Bakery, which is quintessentially not Italian food, this was one of those Sundays. Their bunch is the best, with bagels, pancakes, hamburgers, baskets of bread, cakes and the works ❤
And it was an absolutely lovely day in Milan too, I just love this time of year, not too hot (Milan can be 42 degrees in summer, it is painful!), spring, sunny, 24 degrees, enough people, food, my love- my perfect Sunday.
We went to the one in Corso Como, love this scenery- I want an apartment here ❤
I had the granola and yoghurt with fruit and honey on the side. My love did the pancake with salmon and eggs- so, so good!
Look at these cakes.. I couldn’t eat any more after lunch, but if I had some space- in my tummy for sure!!

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If you ever go to Milan and wants something else than Italian food- go for it 😉

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