Pearls, pearls, everywhere!

The other day as I was browsing the Stuart Weitzman website, I ‘accidentally’ (Well, how often does one actually accidentally just find shoes…?) ran into some pearl- embellished shoes, and as always I get all carried (pun intended…) away with all things shoes.
I used to have a pair of fantastic ballerinas with pearls that I bought at Century 21 in New York, but naturally I wore them to pieces, so about time I acquired new ones.
I present to you the ultimate list!
The ones that started all this, the pearl sneaker:



Gotta have some more Stuart Weitzman while we’re at it… L.O.V.E!
Red ones HERE
Burgundy ones HERE 
Beige ones HERE


Always include some Louboutins
(all though I am not a big fan of the red soles, too much Kardashians over them…)
Black HERE





Some great surprises from Jeffrey Cambell, these black ones- O.M.G!
Find them HERE


Got to have some lighter shoes too though;)
White HERE 
And then, just to add to the fun some loves from Pinterest:
Can I have them all, please?!


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