Travels coming up

I just booked my next travel tickets, and it just makes me soooo happy ❤

First up in Oslo at the end of May, CAN NOT WAIT as I get to see my mom, my nephews and MY FRIENDS again- so excited!!


Then it is Rome to meet my dad and his wife the weekend after- yay for Rome!!


Two weeks after that I am heading down to Pescara to the Italian coast for some sun and beach at my bfs (parents) beach house- OMG- SUMMER!!


One I haven’t booked yet is a couple of days in Korsika , but I will since my brother and his family will be there- so I will head down there for a couple of days when they are there- woho!!


And at the beginning of September I am going for a week to Bari with some friends of mine- CANNOT WAIT.


A lot of Italy traveling so I really want to take two weeks to Costa Rica to do some surfing in October/November- should be absolutely doable 🙂


Yay for traveling!!

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