What if…

What if the world was dominated by all the good people out there, instead of the power hungry, ego centric ones?

What if we all just got along without wanting to take others down on the way through life?

What if good was the driving force of things?

What if people didn’t have to be told by others what is right and what’s wrong, what if they knew intuitively?

What if one persons succeeding didn’t mean anothers failure?

What if equality was a given?

What if people just did things in the best of beliefs and intentions?

What if the world was run in a way that works for everyone and for generations to come?

What if you could bring children to this planet and not be afraid for their future?

I belive if everyone reconnected with nature we would all see what we are destroying.

I don’t with any fibre of my body understand why others would want to hurt other people the way they rape, kill, destroy, exploit and molest- why? What’s going on in their mind when they do these things? Even though someone told them it was ‘ok’, somewhere in there they just must know it’s wrong, they must?!
I’m devastated when I see what we are doing to each other, to the planet, to animals- I’m scared and disheartened.

And all I can do is to try and be a change-agent, a person who loves and gives and walk the road I talk, if I can’t do it perfectly (and I’m not), at least to some extent, with some effort make the world a teeny tiny bit better- I love it, you see ❤️

2 thoughts on “What if…

    1. I know!!! The thing is- there seem to be a good force out there- people who really want others well – I think we could out-win the bad- I really do😊😊😊

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