Sunday funday/food day 

Ok, keep it short… we ate yesterday… and you know- today… note to self: stop eating this much …!

Bf dinner yesterday- pizza with tomato, arugula and mozarella- restaurant Trattoria Caprese really is soooo good!
Just kinda fell in love with this place, so cute, good food- and in the middle of Corso Buenos Aires in Milan- totally unlikely to find a decent place there honestly.

My lunch, mozarella with prosciutto crudo ❤
First lunch for my bf, focaccia with spinach and zucchini
How cute is this place?!

A great spot we discovered a couple of weeks ago in Corso Buenos Aires in Milan
And then my bf had a second lunch because he wanted a piadina with brie also… lucky bastard who can eat anything he want!

For desert I had half a muffin and a Cappuccino- the ultimate sin in Italy to drink cappuccino after lunch… mohahahaha

Even did some shopping, but more on that tomorrow…;)

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