Hairdresser Saturday 

So my New Years resolution was to do more beauty stuff, and one of those is to go to the hairdresser more often, as with long hair the importance is even more elevated.

We went swimming in the morning (Saturday ritual as it’s one of the few workouts I can get my bf to join…), and after I went to the hairdresser- an appointment I made the last time I was there a month ago- so far nailing my New Years resolution!

I loooove Aveda salons and products, and this one I go to is actually rather affordable too (as opposed to the one I went to in Milan- 280€ for highlights and a trim).

Waiting for the color wash to set, my bf tells me I can’t wink… don’t know what he’s talking about…
So cute and smells delish!
Some good reading to relax…;)
My newly purchased products. Aveda Sun Care shampoo and Sun Care spray in addition to a hydrating mask.

I even bought some products to protect my chlorine exposed blonde hair (don’t want that green hair look that comes with blonde hair and chlorine!). Got a shampoo and a protective spray to use before I go in the pool, which can also be used in summer to protect the hair for from sun and salt.

Next up, a beer, a movie and dinner tonight 🙂 Happy Saturday! 

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