The Rum Kitchen

Upon recommendation from a colleague we went to The Rum Kitchen in Covent Garden yesterday.

Had to wait an hour for a table, but they were very accommodating and put our names down and told they’d call when it was ready, so we just went out to grab a glass of wine in the meantime.
The place was super nice, a bit too loud music so you couldn’t talk properly ( πŸ‘΅πŸ»), but the drinks and food were great!

I even got to see one of my friends from my undergrad that I haven’t seen in forever (I think we said 4 years…)- such a great evening!!
Today in the agenda: Top Shop Oxford Street (the destroyer of all other Top Shops- so good), Victoria Secrets ( if there is actual underwear there, and not the ‘fake’ ‘beauty’ one), but first… Le Pain Quoditien, our go-to breakfast place in NYC when we were there…now in London ❀

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