A Lugano and a Berlucchi 

Running in the morning and resistance training during lunch… and then after work… straight to Lugano and La Lanchetta to make them ‘useless’ workouts…

FYI- Lugano is in Switzerland and the closest proper place to where we work. It is beautiful there during summer- and when in Switzerland, do as the Swizz… pay insane amounts of money for everything… even coming from the Norwegian…

Anyway- if you ever in Lugano- this is the place to go (as far as I have seen) – La Lanchetta.

 And, when ordering prosecco…. you get Berlucchi!!! I LOVE Berlucchi prosecco!! When we started our MBA we got to go to Franciacorta (where the Berlucchi prosecco is made), and were introduced to the vineyard and their heritage- so amazing.

And then, when I was the ski club president we had invited them to join us since they were sponsoring us, and the CEO came- a Berlucchi heir- it was amazing talking to him, he shared so many great stories and how technology is changing the game also for them!! I am, as one can notice, a fan… 😉

❤ ❤ ❤
One of their cellars!
La Lanchetta- Obviously not tonight, but a good illustration of the place by the lake

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