‘Birthday’ Sunday in Milan

We have made it a tradition to go to California Bakery every time one of us has a birthday, and since mine was last week, there we went! If you ever are in Milan- THAT is the place to get brunch! Their granola is to DIE for…but I went for an omelet and my man for pancakes, eggs and salmon- MAN it was amazing!!


There are multiple locations in Milan, this one was in Corso Como 🙂


How cute is this?
LOOK at those cakes, I have never tasted them, feel it would be too much of opening a Pandoras box… if you know what I mean?!
Bringing me my cappuccino before I ate, they did both make fun of me for that one…
mmmmmm ❤
I had the veggies …they were good… 😉
Sooooooooooo good ❤ ❤ ❤

And then, afterwards- since we were in the area- we went to the coolest store in the world, where they have the biggest collection of random stuff… and a TON of gooood smelling thingys! High- Tech ❤  Right across the street from Eataly in Corso Como 🙂


All the pretty Moleskine notebooks ❤ !
So many good smells going on here!!

All in all, a great Sunday- except from the normal ritual of leaving my bf on the train back south and me going back home again to prepare for the week ahead…

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