Malta for a weekend

Just to get away a bit, do something different and go to a place I’ve never been before we went to Malta this last weekend.

And as a (part of the) birthday present I gave my boyfriend a stay at the Hilton upon advice from my friend who lived in Malta for two years with her now husband.
I arrived on Friday afternoon at 3 and went straight to the hotel and to the gym- had a great workout with some running and strength training.
As G arrived later I just chilled and took a shower,listened to MTV etc.

We went to this restaurant that offered seafood and was recommended to us by my aforementioned colleague.

Oh well, food and drinks and off to bed.
The next morning it was raining, windy and some thunderstorms- but it was still warm- so no biggie .
We went for a good walk around St.Julien and towards Valletta…

I just loved these house facades- so nice!

We went for a beer and some football at a pub and ended up going to spa in the hotel afterwards for an hour- lovely!! 

As the breakfast was too amazing we didn’t have any lunch so a dinner we were starvin – STARVING!! So we went to this pub place to eat and damn it was good, all meat- chicken wings, ribs, sausages, fries- mmmmm ❤
The weather on Sunday was great so before we headed to the airport we went for a walk around town- lovely sun and 20 degrees:)

All in all a nice little trip to Malta 🙂

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