When I visit…


Since my boyfriend lives outside of Rome, I come here 4/5 times a year so that he doesn’t always have to come up north since he is studying there and I work up north in Italy.

As I’ve been through most of the sights to see now it’s more about exploring the city itself and not just the landmarks.
There are a couple of things we always have to do when we go there…

Lunch at La Montecarlo- very Italian ‘mom and pop’ place, don’t expect white linen tablecloths, do expect good food!

Read the ‘no phone’ guidelines, love it!
This pizza though!!

A stroll around the Spanish steps, always crowded but still:

And yes it is a save from my snapstory… 😉

And this time around walking around in Campo dei fiori:


In the evening we went to Trastevere to eat and drink, and that place is like not being in Rome. You hear more English than Italian and the pubs/bars are more like Berlin or another city- really cool vibe there, super unpretentious.

This place gives you SO much food for no money. Trastevere, Rome.
At a pub in Trastevere
It says something like ‘But what did you come here to do’

Now I am back to the rainy and cold north, back to work again;)

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