Goals for October

I want to see three exhibits in Milan this October, read one book and delete one account- should be doable, right?

Armani Silos, the Olympics exhibit.

I have already seen the curated exhibit of Armani through the years, and can warmly recommend it if you are in Milan. Since Armani this year sponsored the Italian athletes for the Olympics team they have not set up an exhibition with photos of these athletes, curated by Armani himself, should be a good visual please!

Read more HERE (the Armani Silos website)



Both the two below are at Palazzo Reale in Milan, basically at the Duomo Square.

This one I received from my colleagues, and should be super- cool. Surreal drawings, in the extended version of Salvador Dali. You can read more about The Escher exhibit HERE (their website is the link)



The final and third one is of the famous art from Hokusai Hiroshige Utamaro, where one can see the well- recognisible japanese wave. Find out more about it HERE



And the book I want to read, Nice girls don’t get the corner office’.


Just google it or Amazon it, and you should find it;)

Happy soon- October!

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