When I went to… Positano

I love Italy, that is pretty clear. It has it all, beach, city, food, fashion, mountains, and an odd nice person here and there (just kidding- Italians are the best… except from Norwegians;) ). So when I got the chance to go to one of the Pearls of Italy- I was in!




Me and two of the ones I studied with in Milan went to visit a third one who has a house there. While I only went for the weekend, they stayed for almost a week- lucky ladies trippin’!


LOOK at this crystal clear water!



Greta brought with her Patos, our yellow friend, he totally took too much space on our boat- trip, I think the Dutch couple who was on their ûber- romantic honeymoon was not as amused as we were…

Patos the dude!
EVERYONE, literally everyone needs a Spritz sometimes!


Anyway, Patos (which means duck in Spanish, I was told) needed to be blown up, and so we went- this is where all my cardio came in handy- FINALLY!


We had a day on a boat where we visited Amalfi, and had the most amazing pastries in the world- I tell you!


Me and Greta, Patos’ mother…


Me, standing in an alleyway


Amalfi, everything is beautiful there!


You just cannot beat a view like this, insane evenings, and the food… to DIE FOR!!

We agreed to make it an annual thing…;) ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ Love them to death and beyond!

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