A day on the lake

Around Varese there are quite a few lakes, and as you can not swim in Lago di Varese (Varese lake) for example, this weekend we explored a bit and went to Lago di Monate (Monate lake) upon a tip from a colleague of mine- and we were not disappointed.

Only thing that sucks is that we haven’t discovered these before, but better late than never;)

Oh, and a pedal boat might be the best vessel in the world… according to me, my pilot boyfriend might disagree… but whatever…;)

Pedal boats for the win! Pedalò per vincere! Pedalbåt FTW!
What is really nice about a lake is that the water is so nice and warm, and this one- crystal clear also! Che cosa che è ottima per un lage é che la aqcua è cosi calda- e sul questa, cristallo! Det som er topp med en innsjø er at vannet blir så varmt- og i denne, krystallklart!
Summer essentials, a flower dress, a book, camera and some white shades! Essetiale per l’estate, vestito con i fiori, macchina per foto, un libero e occhiale bianche! Sommer essentials, blomstrete kjole, en bok, kamera og hvite solbriller!



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