Bachelorette part two

We had a great time yesterday, and the bride did not know at all- so cool!

I am back in Italy, after three hours of sleep I got up at 7 to catch my flight at 9.50 back to Malpense/Milan- hard life I tell ya!


Anyway, yesterday…- we all ate breakfast at my friends place, where I was also staying at. Prosecco, food, candy and a bit of getting the bride ready- she were to be dressed in 90’s outfit- so lovely…



Miss Norwegian candy- the best!!


Then we went to learn some wicked dance moves, since our friend LOVES to dance. So much fun! Went to shower and get ready for lunch while she went to a SPA to get an hourlong treatment.


Me (on the right) and my AMAZING friend Camilla, who I was staying at. My Lord this woman has it all, brains, beauty, humor.. And she is single, it is insane- I know!!


Went to ‘Et Glass’ (A Glass) in Oslo to have lunch, such a nice place. It is just around the corner from where I used to live in Oslo, so I have been there a lot to have a glass of wine, but never eaten.


I ordered a fish soup, and it was AMAZING!! Like really really amazing!!


And we just had to share an order of sweet potato fries- sooooo good!! Have to make them at home, the trick is to put them in water- then they get all crunchy apparently- I will try and report back!

After that we went to Enebakk which is outside of Oslo to her maid of honors house. had pizza, a lot more to drink, some games and some (a lot…) dancing.

All in all- I miss them already ❤ !!!

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