Like I have written it myself…!  Yes to equality!

A brilliant article on how Norway works! There are always issues to be fixed but what’s written is all true!

First of all- I was in a seminar a year or so back with a professor from Harvard Kennedy school, and he had sat at a ’round-table’ of only 15 or so people. Amongst those were the previous prime minister of Norway, Jens Stoltenberg, and he said to these people (not many but influential), that the success of Norway was based on the fact that so many of the female population was working. It makes me extremely happy and proud to be a Norwegian woman with men like him backing the strive for equality (meaning real equality, that men are just as good care-takers as women if we let them, and that women deserve the same wage for the same job)!

I work in Switzerland, which I thought was a bit like Norway before I started working there. Here they get 3 months maternity leave and normal work-days are 9+ hours… That really does not help the family! I’m proud to be a feminist and will be a change-agent- I promise !!!

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