I have a thing for menswear, I love fashion in general, but menswear is just so attentive to the details it is amazing how a button changes a suit, or how the right cufflinks can elevate an outfit. I think it started with my ex- boyfriends job when I was 18+, where he was managing a mens store, and did the buying etc- it was great to see what went well, what did not work and who was buying what.

(yes, to some extent also true for women’s fashion, but it seems to drown more in the noise of women’s fashion)

So, it delights me to see that the industry numbers are following my interest, where menswear is growing more than women’s. Bain & Co. reported the trend to be going there (along with digital, storytelling and tailormade experiences in the luxury industry). I could go on for days (and will, to some extent), but a good start is here (links to The Telegraph article on menswear):

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 22.26.21

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