The Elephant

My favourite animal: the Elephant- it just is such an inspiring animal- and holds some features that I can relate to.

Like the fact that it is usually found near water (which a lot of animals do, due to the nature of water…).
Like that they never forget.
Like that they walk through life, but still remember where they came from- and return to die (well- almost at least).
Like that they show empathy.

And have you seen the calves play??- cuteness overload!



I once rode an elephant in Thailand, at the Island of Kho Chamg (before it got as touristified as I have understood it is today). In the rainforrest there was a rescuecenter for old lumber Elephants- and one of the ways they could keep them there was to give tourists rides- we really tried to find a good one- and hope we succeeded! It was so great to sit on the back of this huge slowmoving animal through the rainforrest- loved it!

And afterwords we got to eat with the locals- the food was soooo spicy we struggled hard, but did not want to be rude so we had to eat it- just stuffed ourselves with rice to lessen the burn (as rice is much better than water in that cause)… And the locals had such a laugh on our part- it was great:)!

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