Do you remember SARS?

So, in 2003 me and my then boyfriend went on a five month trip.

I will try and tell a bit about it in bits and pieces along the way, but one of the things that was so ‘scary’ when we were there was SARS, which was a lunge disease that hit South East Asia at the time we were there.

I remember our family and friends back home heard about it almost before we did. And pictures of Thai people with a mouth cover where printed in the newspapers back home- as an illustration on the situation- which freaked people back home out…

The fact was that people working with i.e. directing traffic in Bangkok had them on because of the pollution…

We only saw the ‘effect’ two times. First at the border between Vietnam and Cambodia as we had to declare ourself as healthy by filling out a ‘SARS- form’. And the other was that the airport in Singapore was almost empty compared to normal… Or so we was told.

I had what I prefer to call ‘a close call’ with the disease (which had symptoms as pnemonia). We were going on a train up to Laos from Bangkok and had a state of the art ‘sleeping cabin’ which meant that we had a sort of bunk beds ten cm from the train ceiling where we had to chain our backpacks to the bed…

Anyway, when night came and we were to sleep I felt short of breath, feverish and in a bad shape… Of course, being on a train during the warmest season in Asia, almost squished up in the ceiling was the reasonable explanation, but you know- it’s a bit hard being rational in the middle of the night when drfting in and out of sleep…;)

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