Ok, so this is for myself as I have traveled to 28 countries and countless cities (ok, shouldn’t be to much of a problem to count them, but this way is more fun)- I will start to write down all the different travel experiences I have had throughout my life- probably not going to be cronologically as I do not remember when it all happened, but will try:)!

So my first trip that I can remember being an exciting one was with my dad on my first trip to London. I cannot for the life of me remember how old I was, but probably around 10 or so.

My dad was going for some meetings in London and I got to join, remember we went to Bath also, visited an English pub there and this person my dad was meeting with was this honourable marine general ( or something like that), and not being the sturdiest in English I kept saying ‘hm?’ at whatever he asked me, and every time I remebered to say ‘pardon’ in stead, so the poor guy got ‘hm??…no I mean pardon’ at everything he asked me- good advocate for norwegian children- retards the lot…:)


And we went to see the musical ‘Cats’ at Londons West End- loooved it at the time (not the biggest fan of musicals now,bit ‘over’ it), but just he atmosphere- knowing myself- probably wanted to be a dancer/singer then…


Uhhhh- and I remember my dad bought me the most PERFECT jeans- they looked so good, and a black velvet jacket- wish I still had them- I can just feel the joy of shopping- and my dad is super patient when it comes to shopping- once he stayed with me and my stepmom for around eight hours in Copenhagen, I ended up crashing in to a glass door at Illums (a rather high-end designer mall in the middle of Copenhagen)- good times, another story that one:)


Have the best dad, though!!

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