I love them, care for them- and could not get enough- so here are a few I would LOVE to have:

These are Christian Louboutin, had they not been that- I would have absolutely LOVED them- don’t want the red sole!

LOVE them, totally useless…maybe for a christmas party, but even then…


Now- i have seen these from the front, and they are peep- toe.

I have peep- toe shoes, I think  pep- toes are pretty, but i HATE the concept, it’s so… useless

Especially on boots- who the h** needs big boots, and them freeze their toes of??

(or even worse, if it is so hot that the peep- toe is a relief on boots- DON’T wear boots!)

Gucci, speechless I tell you! (Would prefer them in black, but they are GOREGEOUS in blue too!)

Isabel Marant: Love these ones in front, but the heels- not so much!

Isabel Marant: Love everything Isabel Marant makes (not true, btw), a bit on the fence about these ones- but with the right styling- fab!

(have seen something like these with the wrong styling… fail!)

All Saints: In honor of my friend- Love these ones, they look so good in real life with their rugged look!

Being a former skater (nope- not anything graciuos as figure skating…), these are adoreable! DSquared skates/boots.

Have my doubts that these are “walkable”, but would be willing to try em;)!

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